Saturday, April 10, 2010

After a fashion

We live in troubled times. Here in England there is an election underway. We have had 13 years of Socialism (although the Socialism I grew up with seems like communism in comparison with this ‘New’ Labour). It is time for a change perhaps, but no-one quite knows whether to take the plunge into Conservatism or not. Could it be any worse? Yes it could be. Might it be better? Depends on your definition of better. it could be a lot of the same – trouble is, the economy is as shafted here as it is elsewhere in the world. If you were rich to start with you will probably thrive under either regime.

There is an alternative it seems – a hung parliament where no-one has the majority and a party like the Liberal Democrats holds the power of veto over the main parties. This could work – nothing much will get done, there can be no radical change and we will all just muddle along until the Stock Market drags us back into another round of boom and bust. Hard hats everyone…

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