Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lat week I set up Ubuntu on an old PC. The only problem I had was setting up the wireless card (a Belkin Wireless G), but in Ubuntu 8.04, using ndiswrapper and the info on the Ubuntu forums it came alive. So has my slow 850MHz PC. I can recommend Ubuntu, and Linux in general to anyone who wants a safer, hassle-free, more interesting computing experience. Put it this way - I wouldn't call Windows fun. OK, with Linux you might have to get your mind around a few command line tweaks every now and then, but you don't buy a car and expect someone else to pump up the tyres. All right, some people do, but let them buy Vista and visit PC World every other week, Linux is for those who like to get involved. By the way, did I mention that The OS and all the software available is free?