Friday, March 03, 2006

View from a window

Here is a picture taken from my window today, here in Bury St Edmunds, a fine frosty morning, the sun trying to break through that low mist that settles in the early hours. It's a sign that the pace of the year is picking up. This is a marathon not a sprint, I call to some blackbirds who sit outside the back door waiting for catfood. They don't want advice, just dry bits of Chicken Chunks. I'm a vegetarian, so of course I don't eat chicken, but the blackbirds love it. We leave it out for the cat-up-the-road who seems to have adopted us. Even before we began to feed it. There was a Hitchcock moment yesterday when about 6 birds were keeping vigil on the patio just waiting for deliverance! Sometimes they don't wait for the cat to finish before starting in. The cat's not bothered, why should it be? It's a question of energy expenditure: chicken chunks don't move that fast...
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