Saturday, January 28, 2006

Non-Celebrity Big Brother

Now here's the thing. Create a TV programme which pits the fragile egos of known celebrities against each other for a few weeks. Presume that none will emerge still standing. Then put a non-celebrity in the mix who pretends to be a celebrity until found out, because it quickly becomes clear that she has no talent. She's now on an par with the others anyway.
Then watch as the proper celebs self-destruct in an orgy of over-acting, bad temper, foul language and little humanity. End result; the non-celebrity gets all the left over votes and wins. Becomes an instant celebrity. Amazing! Defies the logic of programme making and prompts us all to wonder why we need these people anyway. Aren't we all just famous in our own way?

Naw, you're right, it just couldn't happen...
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