Sunday, January 15, 2006

Money for old sprouts

It’s Sunday evening. I’ve just listed some stuff on ebay to sell – old videos, Playstation games, that sort of thing. I see it as a form of recycling; and while I don’t expect to make too much money from it, it’s nice to think that stuff lying around for years in cupboards and attics might suddenly be used. Having said that, there is the current story of an unwanted Christmas sprout being sold for nearly £2000 recently on ebay. With a lot of the money going to charity. I did a quick search yesterday; suddenly there are any number of Christmas sprouts on offer, with varying percentages of the money gained going to charity. That’s ridiculous. Don’t these people realise that one-offs are just that; there’s no way that any one would be suckered into spending any more money on an unwanted sprout. Hold on, just getting my listing for that half-eaten Quorn sausage polished up – back in a second…
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