Monday, March 14, 2005

Creeps in this petty pace

This is about time and the blog. Or, about time, Shakespeare and the blog. I mean, if the web had been around in Bill's time, or if a new 'Shakespeare' arose today, would any of those plays get written? Would he not be writing stuff instead for the BBC, teamed up with Gervais or Ali G, churning out candyfloss for the many digital channels that charm and amuse us 'to the last syllable of recorded time'?

Also, to all those who responded to my recent rash of emails requesting a look at the blog, thanks. To those who got offended by any of them, I should say "so what" but instead I'll say sorry, even to the odd two or one who got offended secondhand, without even reading any them. Criticism by proxy, she knows who she is...
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