Monday, March 14, 2005

Creeps in this petty pace

This is about time and the blog. Or, about time, Shakespeare and the blog. I mean, if the web had been around in Bill's time, or if a new 'Shakespeare' arose today, would any of those plays get written? Would he not be writing stuff instead for the BBC, teamed up with Gervais or Ali G, churning out candyfloss for the many digital channels that charm and amuse us 'to the last syllable of recorded time'?

Also, to all those who responded to my recent rash of emails requesting a look at the blog, thanks. To those who got offended by any of them, I should say "so what" but instead I'll say sorry, even to the odd two or one who got offended secondhand, without even reading any them. Criticism by proxy, she knows who she is...

Monday, March 07, 2005

What's important

I'm in a meditative sort of mood. My son has been sick for a few days with a virus. We had him checked out at the hospital on Sunday, they say it's nothing too bad, but you always wonder. My twin brother had Meningitis when he was about 7, wrongly diagnosed as flu until he started banging his head against the wall with the pain. Another doctor and he was straight in hospital for 6 weeks. Only later did we realise how close he was to the end. This was in the 60's but the same thing could happen now. We live on a precarious edge, life is so fragile, so tenuous yet somehow babies are strong, children too and adults do fantastic things like ultra marathons and giving birth. One bash on the head though and it could be all over. This begs the question - what next? You either live life trying to preserve it and fearing death, or, try to come to terms with it through faith or scientific explanation. The only truth is that sooner or later you will die. Harrowing isn't it?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

In lieu of inspiration

Two titles for short stories: "Stamped to Death Envelopes" & "Get Witch Quick". Not sure what I could do with them, maybe themes for the writer's group. Perhaps the titles will be more exciting than the stories. One job I've always fancied - headline writer for the tabloids. Now I think I could do that well...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


This seems a good blog: micvskyeno. Also, bought a Yin Yang pendant off the Holistic Shop recently. Good price, quick delivery, for all those crystal/jewellery needs. Only problem was, Bev was looking over my shoulder and took a liking to some of the more, how shall we say it, expensive items. Might have to indulge her for Mother's Day.

Now, coming to that, to add to the Death Day recently envisaged (see last blog), how about a Blokes Who Do The Washing Up, Most Of The Cooking, Some Tidying Up, Clean The Car, Do The Finances And Most Of The Moaning Day?

I await Government ratification.